(x) Hello from Parrot Jungle greeting card - hand lettered {Patricia}

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Can you ID the title font - or maybe name a few in a similar style?

Speaking of which - can anyone specify this style? I'm looking for more art like this, and would appreciate some help!

many greetings,

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That is hand lettered for sure and I'm n ot sure what you mean by 'style' do you mean the style of the font (sans, shaded, etc) or the fact that it has imagery in it, which was quite common on vintage postcards.

Great looking card!

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thanks for the comment!

sorry, by style I meant the whole tonality of the postcard - is it 60s? 80s? Do you know where I could find more images like this?

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Earlier than that I'd say.

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Previous discussion and suggestions on vintage postcard typography:

"Greetings from..." old postcard designs

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Well, I know there is something that is more similar, and I swear it is from Font Bureau, but Showcard Gothic could be a fun alternative.

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