(x) square minimal pixel font similar to Unibody - Hooge 05_56 {Simon Duckworth, Yves}

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I love this font. It's very utilitarian -- type at it most basic, yet with a bit of personality. Reminds me of Unibody by Underware but that's not what it is. Little help? Anyone?

RubiconNav.gif740 bytes
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Not the exactly the same, but similar – Lipo-D:


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I believe this is FFF Compact Extended released by Fonts for Flash.

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It looks like Hooge 05_54 to me

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Nope, Hooge 05_56 -- less wide.

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Nice one, Yves. To be honest, looking at that list of titchy fonts has sent my eyes funny... ;)

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Dude, tell me about it. Too many pixels! My eyes started twitching. :^P

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Thank you all. Thanks especially for introducing me to these font sources. I'm so enamored with the Miniml Fonts (a little twitchy-eyed, but enamored nonetheless) that I think I'll buy the whole package. You guys are the best.


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