Vox ATypI classification in English

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Dear Typophiles,

as a type amateur and enthusiast, I've always been very interested in the history of type. Recently, after a lot of browsing on this site, I found numerous references to a certain 'Vox ATypI' classification of typefaces, and that sparked my interest. After a long search on the internet all I could find were pages in French regarding this classification, and my French isn't quite up to par, so I wasn't able to read those pages.

My question to you is if anyone knows a site in English (or Dutch) that explains the Vox ATypI classification, or can someone maybe post a short summary in English about the classification?

Thank you kindly,

Wouter Spaak
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Google translation seems to work quite well for most of this (admittedly basic), hope it helps.

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If you look at the wikipedia page about the Vox-ATypI classification you should be able to see the similarities of the words. Even for someone such as myself, who doesn't speak French, the words are familiar.

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Thank you both very kindly, the Google translation thingy actually worked a lot better than I'd hoped. The last time I used an online translater was years ago in the days of Altavista Babelfish, and that was usually rubbish.

Thank you Miss Tiffany for the French Wikipedia entry, with a big dictionary and some imagination it proved very useful as well.

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i've attempted to translate the french version, and the result is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VOX-ATypI_classification. i'm still working on it so, give it a few hours. Also, if i've made any gross errors, please feel free to correct them.

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