(x) Sans serif in Esquire - Crank 8 {Patricia}

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A friend of mine faxed this to me:

It looks familiar, but I can't quite place it.

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Crank 8

from Village (Lux Typographics)

Now Mark, I got this by searching Typophile...

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Sorry, I should have figured it was asked about here before.

The funny thing is, before giving up and posting, I was thinking it was a Village font and looked around their site for a while, but just couldn't find it. I even saw Crank 8 on the list of fonts, but it seemed like the "a" in the name "Crank" didn't match so I didn't bother to look more closely at the font. I guess the fax distorted it more than I realized.

Anyway, thanks Patty!

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No. 4 -- Women know how to search Typophile way better than you do.


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No. 5 – Women know how to do nearly everything way better than you do but we generally keep that fact to ourselves so that you boys can feel big and strong and smart and all.

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:^P :^D O:^)

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Very clever, Patricia... :^D :^P ;^)

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