Bloodprints On The Veranda

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Bloodprints On The Veranda

I had the idea of an overweighted typeface, where the lower part were thinner than the higher part of the letters. Give me some feedback about it. i've still got some special letters left to buid at least.

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Per - definitely potential here.

Maybe WWFT (Mike Cina) could
distribute something like this...

Liking alot: the numerals, the R, S, N.

Not liking: , the cramped setting + the E, F, G.
On those three glyphs, you might break away from
the structure like you did on the N. Overall,
you might jazz up the glyphs a bit, look for
some other non-traditional solutions.

What's the significance of the name...or is it a mystery.*



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"BPOTV" - Retyped

What i did change:
* Less cramped setting
* E F G, but didn't come up with a superb solution, rather just a possible variation.

Yes, the names is pure mystery. It actually tells a little story about our winged little friend, the sparrow, that

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>where the lower part were thinner than the
>higher part of the letters.

What about that? I think that would be more interesting. Keep the monostroke version, but try doing this different stroke weight distribution.
And, BTW, what's that under 5? Looks like a half-smiley... :- )

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