Logo - which "1" ?

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Hi Guys,

Opinions please - which of the 5 slight modifications of the Number 1 works best in terms of legibility, don't worry about the supporting FITNESS text its the "1" I'm looking for at the moment.


Its all Trade Gothic but with a few minor tweaks depending on the use of condensed or not.


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hi, i like the first one (and i also like the idea) although i would consider using an even thicker type on the ONE.

good luck

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Good I dea and I go for the first one

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I like the first one as well. I'd play with the kerning some more on "fitness".

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I like the first one as well, and agree that the word "ONE" could be slightly heavier. Great concept.

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The first one! I also think the "ONE" could be a little thicker. Maybe a little kerning adjustment is also needed (between the O and N).
Anyway, great idea.

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