(x) Change your life in 7 days - Futura, Helvetice Cond, Adobe Sans {Paul H, Lex, Erik S}

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Hi All

Everyone helped me out so quickly when I needed a typeface identified before so thought I'd try again!

I need to know what typeface is used on this book.

My client is a literaray-agent and they want me to mock-up a special one-off version of this book cover as a leaving present for someone! So, I need to retitle it and obviously want to use the original font if possible.

Any help is much appreciated as always,


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looks like Futura to me.

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"INCLUDES" and "MIND-PROGRAMMING" (!) look like Futura condensed, and "FREE" and "CD" are Helvetica Bold Condensed.

- Lex

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... are actually Adobe Sans, which means the intended font wasn't embedded properly. The Helvetica Bold Condensed suggests that the other lines were supposed to be the same face in a lighter weight.

My collection of Adobe Sans grows every day.

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You're right, Erik. It's strange that the cover designer would embed all the fonts except that one.

I suppose the original poster should set the text in a lighter weight of Helvetica condensed but not embed it to replicate the cover exactly.

- Lex

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Thanks very much all of you - awesome stuff.

Didn't imagine I'd have to avoid embedding certain fonts to achieve the same look - what a weird world...cover designers eh? ;)

Thanks again.


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