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Hey guys,

I'm doing an assignment for school which requires me to lay out a quote using type. I've chosen a quote from the end of Crime & Punishment as mine and thought I'd send out a request for type ideas. I have some idea of what I'd like to use (no names, just ideas) but I thought I'd see if anyone here had any thoughts that didn't occour to me.

The quote is:
Raskolnikov refused the water with his hand, and softly and brokenly, but distinctly said: "It was I killed the old pawnbroker woman and her sister Lizaveta with an axe and robbed them."

Russian book, published in 1866 if that's any help for you guys. I will be doing some mixing of fonts with this as I'd like his speech to be in a different style, but for the narration text I'd like something that fits the piece.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys, you're awesome.

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ITC Veljovic

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Check out the fonts at Paratype.
If you're looking to make an historical allusiion, read the font blurbs and find something bookish, Russian-designed, and from the right era.

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For 1866, your best bet is ITC Bodoni Twelve, which captures the look of the time very subtly without sacrificing legibility or good-size x-height. Excellent italic too.

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I thought something similar, too, John Stahle, I wanted to post ITC Fenice but for some synesthetic reasons I posted Veljovic. Right now STF/ITC Biblon jumped in my mind as a possible "otlichno" candidate.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the help with this one. Just took a look at Bodoni 12 and it looks like it should do the job quite well.


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