3rd font - Pragmatica Nimbus

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I just posted my second font here today & already started on a third.
No numbers or symbols as of yet, just uppercase characters.

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The update of the numbers & symbols & an alteration of the original W which was far too wide. Accents have been made also, but are not included in this character map.

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I would hope that you will get more expert opinions than my own, but, I like the Stencil much better than the Regular. It may be the white on blue on my laptop monitor, but the Regular is not nearly as crisp... many features are lost, particularly in the numerals ('2', f'rinstance, has no counter to speak of).

I LOVE the Stencil W. what a nice solution to a cumbersome char.


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The A and the V, W, X, Y, Z all have angled cuts while the rest are vertical. I would think that it might be more interesting to mix it up a bit more. Rounded sans and rounded stencil sans are so cuddly. I just want to hug them.

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I actually started off with the stencil, but halfway through the alphabet decided to make a regular version as well. It's not a "good" stencil (the @ & the % still have gaps that would get lost if stencilled), but I was just aiming for the stencil effect. The W was really bad at first (much too wide compared to the rest), but I'm quite pleased with the second version.
I might try to make some alternate letters to mix it up a bit more.

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Nice work ill

I agreed with Miss Tiffany. >At first look, I really like your slant line with the V, W, but I think the S need more attention. Samething for the M. I'm no sure that the vertical «cut» is the best way to thoses letters.

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agree on the Kada thing.
IMO you need to find some more personality. Now it just feels like a font inspired by Kada. And why would I want to use your when Kada is better?

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