Los angeles graffiti + blackletter

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PingMag, Tokyo's premiere arts and visual culture online magazine has just posted my latest- an article about Los Angeles graffiti and the influence of blackletter typography. The article includes a world premiere documentary by Joe Forney about the work of Atlas CBS, a highly influential and active L.A. graffiti writer.

Within, graffiti zine LOST editor EyeOne is interviewed about the connection between barrio calligraphy, blackletter, and their combined influence on contemporary graffiti in the City of Angels. Includes a number of images showcasing some of Los Angeles' most innovative graffiti.

The article is here: http://www.pingmag.jp

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Wow, definitely a keeper!


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good work!

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Excellent article! I particularly like the splashy work by "Cab." Any soft drink manufacturer could grab this as their logo and put Mountain Dew out of business forever!

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Updated url for the article:

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