neon stencil type - SHANANIGAN

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Remember those stencil rulers?
I just love these things & I just made a font based on them. It's a display font with a concept (seeing as I'm still a rookie & limitations can be a stimilating asset in the creative process, I find this an easy way to learn).
The concept was to make each character from one single -open; for that "stencil touch"- line to create a neon-like typeface.
This is only a first draft & I'm not too sure about some characters, but I like how some letters seem to be made from a double line (eg. E) & others merely seem to be a contour (eg. M).
I know in typography there are some basic rules to follow, but I voluntarely chose to neglect them to obtain just a cheap feeling as those rulers. This is only my second font & based on this & my first font, legibility doesn't seem to be prior on my list, but like I said: it's a display font & an easy way to learn.

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Think someone vaguely beat you to it unfortunately matey jim

still liked it though.


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That's probaly where I got my inspiration, my first font was inspired by Fenotype's Digital Kauno. Maybe I have a Fenotype fetish I'm not even aware off ;-)
The lowercase though is most likely inspired by those stencil rulers.

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That ampersand really isn't working - looks like an old man with an erection!

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This one is probably better, but now I can't get the image of that old guy out of my head ;-)

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Dude, don't you go ironing out the font's most memorable feature! :-)

Seriously: the mixing of single and double lined letters will be very tricky to manage when it comes to actual text. You'll need to work with letter adjacency frequencies to try to predict/control things.


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Too late, hrant, the old man is dead ;-)
I'm not sure what you meant with your post, but if you're referring to the pragmatic use of the font, I didn't really think about that when designing it. I actually kind of like the single & double lines when mixed, but then again I have a soft spot for these kind of cheap looking things (hence the stencil rulers).
I've designed three display fonts so far & I seem to add a little legibility with each new font, but none of them would really work in the long run. I just have fun designing them & find it an important part of the learning process. There's still a long way to go though...

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