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!Futurelic - a heavily distored science fiction themed typeface. Exploded minimalist characters are overrun with a texture beneath them, juxtaposing classical proportions and deformed ribbing. Available with vertical streaking in lessening degrees, the 'noisiest' is illustrated above. !Futurelic is a monospaced family featuring a full ascii set, as well as major accented characters, the Euro and OpenType-implemented auto-snark. The lowercase is a slightly more-legible tweaking of the caps, with alternate noise patterns.

From !Exclamchine Type Foundry, where design meets destruction.

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Sans Souci, or 'without concerns'. A complementary style of !Futurelic, with most of the noise bars removed. Made to work alongside !Futurelic regular. Get it here: AF

Choz Cunningham
!Exclamachine Type Foundry
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