A Quest: Young Designer seeks great sans & serif match

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Hey everyone,
I am new to this forum.
A freshman you could say.
I am also quite fresh and ripe to typography as well.
I have shaken Bringhurst's hand and spoken to erik spiekermann.
I have not yet however read The Elements of Typographic Style to completion.

I would very much like to find a Baroque or Renaissance face to pair with a very contemporary sans serif.

Would you be able to lend me some advice?

Thank you very much.

Jaz Halloran

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Can you tell us more about the project and its audience?

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hey thanks a lot for getting back to me,
Ok, well the audience is 20 — 60 year olds.
(wide audience, yes, but let me explain.)

It is an exhibition catalogue of 64 pages with vibrant colour images.
Check out the website: www. paintingsbelowzero.com

The artist used cutting edge refrigeration technology to install paintings into a 400 year old church as part of a fortress in the mountains of Northern Italy.

I would like to achieve a face to represent the history of the project as well as one to symbolize new technology.

We are producing this catalogue to sell at two installations the artist will do January 2007. The purpose of this catalogue is also to send out to galleries and institutions in hopes that they will comission the artist to install his works in their space.

there you go, what is your response,
and thanks,


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For your contemporary sans, I recommend one of the few that was born in Italy: FF Strada.

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Hey, thanks a lot,

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