Encodings & characters.

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The encoding of characters for Mac and PCs are differents and they have not the same number characters

So, what is the correct way to work when you are designing a font?

Do you make two differents .FOG for each platform?
Or do you use the same .FOG and then you change the encoding when the font is generated?

I am in a mess...

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Not really sure if that's the "correct way" to do that, but I personnally choose the ISO latin 1 encoding when designing the font.

And for creating platform-specific versions, (supposed working better?) I make different .FOG for each OS.


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Hello Ramiro and Gregory, normally I use the same file to creat a different enconding, I only change the file when I want to make a ISO latin 1 or other. I use the same file to mantain all information ( letters, space, kerning pairs ...), the only thing in fact that change is the enconding. If somebody have more experience in this case I would like to know with more details.

Regards for both / Ricardo

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