European Union 50 years logo

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I couldn't find a thread on the subject so here it goes...

I'm sure you have got some strong opinions on this... :)

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Until this day, I have always regarded European design as superior to my lowly American rubbish. Today, I feel I can be just as horrible designer as anyone. I aspire to obtain a piece as ugly as the one above.

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Sorry, but i didnt liked the one which got finalized.
Am surprised how that can beat this one. It looks more
meaning full and well composed.

Even this one is better than the final

It was not to hurt anyone, was just a thought.
Don't mind plz.

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I saw all the entries of this"UIA2005 Istanbul" logo desgin competition held in year 2005. There were few identities very similar to what im seeing here...but the identity which got finalized is very nice.

here is the identity.

and here is the link to the website.

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OK. Third place - nice design but boring. Second place - nice design but boring. First place - not very nice design but (IMHO) brilliant idea. Who should be the winner? Do you think the jury could choose really sh*t logo?


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Have a look at the latest post on for another perspective.

An interesting website, if you like this sort of thing....


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hey thanks for the link man..really good one.

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The wining logo reminds me of this:

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