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Good day Typophiles,

You may recognize pomegranate from a previous post. I'm another designer working on the same identity. We are trying to communicate the benefits of our integrated approach, in that the whole is greater then the sum of it's parts. I've explored a variety of icons inherited from the pomegranate itself. We like the icon of the seed in that it's where everything starts, like an idea. Here is 1 approach I'm considering for a signature and 2 versions of the wordmark. I'm not sure about the ligature on the first kerned out version. What do you guys think? The 2 seeds represent our 2 core services and are positioned next to eachother to create an integration as well an invisible infinity symbol in the negative space. The pomegranate is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, so I thought infinity would be an appropriate symbol. Anyhow, this is my thought process, another perspective or any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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The mark is similar to Segura Inc.

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The seeds look remarkably close to the counterform of the clarendon a. As a bonus, "pomegranate" gives you two a's to work with... the counters could be slightly modified to look like the seeds (a more subtle modification than the ligatures created in the previous example). Possibly the use of color could heighten this connection in certain applications.

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Funny you should mention this Angela as we noticed this while developing the logo too, and tried a few versions with a modified "a" unfortunately we still haven't hit the mark with it.

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Maybe just put a little stem on the "o". Or fill it with dots?


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Those versions are over the top. They just look like leaves. I perceive Angela's suggestion to be much more subtle. The letterform ("a") would keep its outlining shape, while the counter assumes a seedlike shape. I can think of two ways to make the seed noticable

1 exagerate the counter so its weight is uncomfortably thin, in contrast to the weight of the rest of the letter

2 add a third color to the logotype within the counter, so the background color would be blue, gray, green or whatever, and the "a" counters/seeds would be red (I guess it would really only be a two color logo, since the type is white/paper)

Another take on Hrant's idea would be to lose the link on the "g" and fill the lower loop, making it solid. This would make the top half of the "g" a pomegranate (with a little tweaking) and the lower half a shadow. I hope that suggestion doesn't break the rules of Typophile critique etiquette.


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Yep, we agree that those versions just didn't work. I might try a few of your suggestions Scott, the second option sounds the most interesting. Thanks!

Funny you should mention the stem over the "o" Hrant, as the original logo has that treatment. We felt this logo looked old and we had grown tired of the crown treatment but I'm starting to wonder of it was just the typeface "Rotis" that we were tired of as it has received a lot of use over the last few years.

Maybe we should try the crown idea again with the new typeface?

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I think Rotis doesn't work here at all. A Clarendon is a great idea. Or maybe a Preissig.


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It seems like you have, in the 'g', a ready-made "fruit with leaf" image that wouldn't take much effort to extend into an actual pomegranate (with the spiky bit as the ear, the tail of the g becoming a leaf, etc.).

I agree that the new typeface is a serious improvement; the colour scheme is much stronger as well.

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