'Famous Handwritings'

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Dear fellow Typophiles,

I am currently looking for samples of 'famous' handwriting scripts. I am especially interested in samples of Blaise Pascal's handwriting. Anyone of you ever 'searched' for / noticed / found such samples, sources and lettering excerpts? (Please note, I am not necessarily looking for actual typefaces, based on famous handwriting. But I am of course open and thankful for any suggestions and hints.)

Thank you.


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P22.com have script typefaces based upon the handwriting samples of Cezanne, Van Gogh and da Vinci.

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ParaType has Pushkin, based on the handwriting of the great Russian poet, in both Latin and Cyrillic.

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You could order a reproduction at the National Library in Paris — http://tinyurl.com/yaas78 — they keep the manuscripts of “Pensees”: http://tinyurl.com/ygyyyc

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There are a variety of handwriting samples from Jane Austen to Mozart here, nothing by Pascal though.

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>> ParaType has Pushkin
And Jefferson :-)

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