best magazines for students in graphic design

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i knw the Eye magazine and Creative Review and Graphix magazines. which other ones do you think are highly recommended for students in graphic design. thanks.

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STEPInside Design

If you can find old issues of Critique magazine, I always thought the writing was very good.

Graphis isn't what it used to be, but still worth a poke through at the bookstore.

You should also consider the online forums/blogs that are populated and written by well-published authors. Specifically I'm thinking about Design Observer and Speak Up.

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Also, John Benjamins Publishing Company has very well written journals that would apply.

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eye mag.

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Eye is probably still the best thing out there in the way of a general survey of graphic design in my opinion. It's a pity that it costs so much, but that's one of the results of not flooding the inside with advertising.

Baseline is excellent for typography:

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