A bevy of ball terminals...

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at least that's what typographica says in this article, but i just had to point out that the "teardrop-shaped terminals" in Zapf Book and Perla are aptly named lachrymal terminals.
sorry for nit-pickin', stewf, but that was just buggin me. >^P

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"If it were not for my critics, I would be nothing."

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lachrymal terminals sounds so maudlin... either that or an eye disease.

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There are plenty enough lachrymal terminals. I want to see more mycocene ones!

Ha ha! Obscure latinate shape names!
mushroom MUSHROOM!

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Last time I was in Scotland all of my luggage was sent to the Lachrymal terminal by mistake, thanks for asking, everything's fine now, i was missing $38.70 in cash and one of the buckles was broken but apart from that...

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