Graffiti goes hi-tech

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Somebody's figured out a way to output vector images via spray paint!

I can see it now: graffiti artist start outsourcing the designs to India to Increase production.

The resolution's pretty good. I think it's about 3dpi (drips per inch :-)). Click on the jpeg link to see how it handle type. But to really see it in action, check out the mpeg.

Fairwarining: when you click on the jpeg link it brings up about ten or so pop ups of sample work, each in their own window.

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Absolutely love this! Very inspiring for installation ideas.

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pretty impressive

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This is great. It seems like something my dad would do if he was fifty years younger.

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But can it pour drinks? :D

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Here's the BBC story on the device - it was in the news back in July. However, I kind of remember other people doing similar things in the past.


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