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Dear Typophiles,

We are looking for a font to be used in a film. This film "stars" a computer operating system of the future.

We're looking for a font that we can use for subtitles etc, that gives the right feel - futuristic and computery, and that is also easy to read as there will be quite a lot of text.

Can anyone recommend a font please?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

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Stratum from Process Type Foundry

George Triantafyllakos -

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The problem with fonts that look futuristic and computery is they almost instantly look dated as well. Consider other fashion trends in your film: what are the characters wearing? what is the architecture like? You will likely see those trends reflected in the industrial and graphic designs too, and the computers and the OS running on them especially. Look into the speculative sci-fi of the past, consider what predictions they got wrong, since the present was the future in the past.

Graphic trends often have a cycle of rebellion and conservative backlash, followed by innovation, then getting really weird, followed by rebellion in the form of conservative backlash. Or something like that. Perhaps in your speculative era extraneous ornamet will come back into fashion, and we'll see some double-serifed blackletter hybrid on the computer screens. Of course it would still have to be legible on the viewing technology of today, seeing as that is what you and your audience have available.

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Perhaps the most futuristic thing to do is use something that wasn't designed. Some completely simple programmer font, like Verdana or Monaco, would be the most futuristic thing you could do. Maybe I'm thinking too much. :^)

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Andale Mono, YAY!

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Lucida Sans is timeless. Also depends on how far in the future you're OS is set? I'd say humanist sans are going to be the norm for the next 15 years, so if that meets your criteria stick with one of them - Myriad would be a safe bet.

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Probably not the actual standard for the next hundred years, but it should look right for today's audience, which is what you need. Clean and sophisticated geometry, not the... traditional concept of a futuristic look, based on brutish screen fonts of yesteryear (I believe this paradox is also what Cuttlefish had in mind).

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Common themes I'm seeing from the suggestions:

Nearly monoweight strokes
Straight vertical sides on curved letters
Not much as far as serifs

What does this mean for our vision of the future?

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>What does this mean for our vision of the future?

The future will be dull.

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Neil didn't ask for a "vision of the future". He asked for "futuristic and computery".

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I hope in the future we'll have computer operating systems and display devices of a sufficient resolution that make the need for 'computery' typefaces obsolete.

I like the Kontrapunkt typeface mentioned. You could go with the angle that in the future, world culture will be increasingly influenced by the far east Japanese and Chinese cultures and, as such, pick up some of that style.

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Thanks to all who have replied. Much appreciated.

It has given us some things to think about.

Kind regards

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Darrel, glad you liked Kontrapunkt. Just for the record, in case there is any doubt: their homepage mentions Tokyo, but the font is Danish, and its cool and clean lines are quite in keeping with design traditions from that part of the world: just think of 1960s Danish furniture.

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Yea, Kontrapunkt at a bit of a eastern vibe, but I probably read too much into it.

So, is Kontrapunkt for sale? I couldn't find any info on the site that was linked to.

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Marc, thanks for the tip!

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