Your favorite disposable pen?

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(OK, perhaps a little off-topic on these forums, but still of interest to many, I hope...)

Of course, as far as fountain pens go, I'm loyal to my old Pelikan M300 F. It's a true workhorse, but, like most fountain pens, it isn't disposable, and its ink can be messy and slow to dry.

As far as disposables go, I'm rather fond of the Uniball Signo Micro 207. Smooth as silk and resists smudging.

That said, we all love letters, and we've discussed handwriting before, so...

What disposable pen do you prefer? (And I mean for its quality, not for its convenience or low cost.)

I've yet to find a disposable with a flat nib like a fountain pen (for those great thick-thin stroke variations we all crave). Any recommendations?

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Pentel Stylo, for it's flexible nib.

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And they used to make wide nib versions with a red body, I still have a few in a drawer somewhere.

Not disposable but I love the pencils


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I always carry a Pilot Precise V5 in black. Great for both writing and sketching out ideas.

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I've been using the Pilot Precise V5 (Extra Fine) for years. I used to be more partial to Pilot Razer Points. I still like them, but they are getting harder to find. I was into Microns for a while but don't use them much anymore.

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i'm using a Pilot Feed GP4 (ball point) for outlines and a Pilot V Signpen. i find it handy to use the different colours to refine and adjust the outlines of my sketches.

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The problem I have with the Pilot Precise is that it is so sensitive it tends to make marks where I don't want them. I don't have the same problem with the Uniball Micro.

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I'm addicted to using Faber Castell's Pitt Artist pens in black and sepia. I use them because I can't stand ballpoints, and, unlike Microns, the ink flows quickly and doesn't get smeared by markers.

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Those look neat -- next time I pop over to our neighbourhood art supply shop, I'll check 'em out.

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My mom works in the editorial department of Cold Spring Harbor Press (the publishing arm of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory here on Long Island). They use the aforementioned Pilot Precise V5s exclusively (proofreader's marks, etc.). Not that they're type designers or anything, but I guess that's another vote for the V5...

Just found this at 43folders, too. I'll keep posting any good links I find.


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I have to make a statement in favour < [there shouldn't be a red spelling mistake line under that word, either...!] of a real disposable pen; I love the Bic Fine ballpoint biro, you know, the plastic orange things; good to chew on and available in that lovely green ink. I do not believe the previous suggestions as disposable, but I'll certainly try some of them out. And treasure them forever...!

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I always carry a Uni-Ball Deluxe Fine point roller. But lately I've been enjoying sketching and notetaking with a fine point Sharpie (though I dislike how quickly the tip dries out with the cap off).

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I like the Pentel Hybrid GelRoller in red. I paid about $1.98 for two of them at least two years ago and they're still working. They are refillable.

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I've been meaning to try this trick but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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That made me laugh. I got one of those for Christmas when I was 12. I didn't know they still made them.

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I had a cousin who had one with like 15 colors.
It was maybe 1 inch in diameter.


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I remember those. Not very easy to write with.

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I won a four-colour balpen in a drawing contest when I was ten (fifth place, but the contest was rigged, of course) and used that as a weapon to survive the bullying I was subject to for a while (being the smallest and youngest in my class then), until I used it to bribe the biggest bully to be my bodyguard.
That pen probably saved my life…

OT: For I while I was really into a kind of Pentel that they stopped producing some time ago — lately I have used Muji’s no brand gel pens (black, red and repro blue) and Staedtler Pigment Liners (0.5 is my fave) — tehse dry out far too fast.

For special occasions I use my Shaeffer Connaisseur fountain pen, but that not disposable (at least I try not to dispose of it).

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My favorite is the Pilot P-500. It's replaced the V5 for me because it writes as well (sometimes better) for me, and its ink doesn't bleed, unlike the V5. The only downside is that the tip is not as sturdy, so dropping the pen is not recommended.

I haven't found the P-500 in stores recently (the P-700 is much more common, but I prefer the .5mm tip over the .7mm), but you can order them from office supply store websites.

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