Sans Serif w/ extended character sets

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I search around for a thread about this already, but didn't really find anything that helped me out. I am in the process or creating a lot of reference materials for myself, (charts, tables, things with numbers, etc.) and need/want to purchase a new font to work with. Problem is that I can't find one that I am happy with which contains an extended character set including lining, tabluar, proportional figures, ligatures, accented characters, and all the other goodies. Someone must have a few good suggestions for me. Thanks.

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Depending on what style on the typeface needed, SOPHISTO might fit for the task?

my own site:

or Psy/Ops;

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Take a look at Camingo A new "squarish" sans, and it's on sale too.

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Galaxie Polaris is an excellent sans with all the bits!


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