Adobe Garamond Premier Pro

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Can you please tell me if Slimbach's Garamond Premier Pro can be bought from somewhere else than adobe's online store?

I live in Greece and there is no such selection when you enter your billing or payment information.

The font is (already) famous for its Greek and it seems that no Greeks can buy it through Adobe's website. Do I miss something???

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Try Veer. Not sure if you can purchase from Greece, but they have the typeface.

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Maybe someone from Adobe can tell us why their premiere Greek face is not available for sale to Greeks?


jlt : : rnrmf!

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Were they bearing gifts?


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Adobe has direct e-commerce to many countries, and has been expanding the number of countries covered on an ongoing basis.

In the meantime, if Greece is not yet on that list, Adobe has a special relationship with Veer, and Veer resells all Adobe fonts, including Garamond Premier Pro, to virtually every country in the world.



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>Adobe has a special relationship with Veer

Is that because you used to own them? Or because they're a great bunch of people? ;-)

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