(x) 'Mountain Equipment Co-op' logo - Gotham {Bart Hakvoort}

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Can anyone help with the identification of the font used here?

This is the logo for Canada's largest outdoor gear store, Mountain Equipment Co-op or MEC. As far as I know, the logo was designed in 1974 by Steven Brown, a designer from the US.

Thanks in advance.

mec_logo_v1_m56577569830592813.gif3.34 KB
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Looks like Gotham Bold.

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This is actually MEC's new logo ca. 2004. I believe the old one used Helvetica.

- Lex

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Looks like you are right, barthak, thank you very much. :)

Lex, are you sure about that? If yes, do you know where I could find a copy of the old logo?

This is an excerpt from the MEC Annual General Meeting of 2006 which is where I based my information from, but it is pretty vague, and it could be mistaken:

"Steven Brown was the gentleman who developed the logo that has been in use since the time that he developed it. I think it was about 1974, and I just wanted to acknowledge him."


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