Poster Feedback.

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hi..Im making this poster for my schools call for admissions for the year 2007-08.
this is a very rough composition...plz give your valuable suggestions/comments/critique on the overall composition. also tell me what to do and what not to do in this kind of composition/design.
Am not able to get the proper hierarchy.

student, graphic design

plz see the attached pdf

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sorry guys that was a very rough layout and nothing was properly done...Now im feeling like deleting this file but anyway...

I'll further work on it and will post the refined version of it very soon...Im seeing lots n lots of mistakes n visual erros..and many other thigns which are terrible:(

thanks for seeing it though

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Well I like the basis of the layout, there are typos and it could be tightened up. For hierarchy I would look at the subject of the dates, rather than the date, as most important, with the headline "Call for Admissions" "Important Dates" somehow separated by colour or space. Followed, in importance, by the diploma subjects section. I like the space created for the bottom third. Look forward to your next iteration.

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