New book design, need suggestion

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I'm just about to start the design of a book about Atlantis (the lost city with advanced technology and culture of the greek mythology). It's not an absolute scientific stlye, more like a travelogue. It has a LOT of pictures, so there isn't any too long textblocks. The author takes it a bit more serious than it actually is (he isn't an archeologist, or anything similar to that), however it do seem to be exciting and he refers to a lot of fact..

So my problem is about choosing the right shape of his voice. I've been looking for the right typeface for some days now, altough i wouldn't mention any of them, because i'm more interested in what others would think of. I don't really have a lot of time for the full design so that's why I ask for your suggestions.

Please share your toughts.


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What's the target audience? And does the author just take the book itself seriously, or does he actually believe in Atlantis and want it treated with the gravity a lost civilization would deserve?

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He certainly believes in it, and he also has an alternate theory in some of the details. The book can be taken seriously if you are open to the subject. The target audience is about everyone who has any interest in this subject which is actually still quite popular.

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