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We've launched v2 of the TypeTrust web site.

We've had a functional beta online since April, but we wanted to hold off on widespread promotion until we were really happy with the web presence. (A little CSS goes a long way.) We're working on some additional features like RSS and referral tracking, and we're still plugging away with the content. More specimens and downloadable PDFs are in the works, so bookmark us or create an account to receive announcements.

Some new fonts are up. Chris Dickinson has given us two brand new exclusive humanist sans families: Alber and Depot. We've got more from Dino dos Santos (DSType). I've regenerated his new OTFs to group by family -- a vital convenience in my opinion. Ryoichi Tsunekawa (Flat-It) has joined and has a lineup of exclusives on the way. Neil teamed up with Anuthin Wongsunkakon to put the finishing touches on PennStation... an intricate LED style headline. Neil has also been quite busy. Several of his OTF rereleases are now available.

Feedback is much appreciated. Let us know what features you'd like to see and whether you stumble over any quirks that need fixing. Just shoot us your 2 cents through our contact form. Thanks!

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It's a great design; almost entirely functional, it renders quickly and lets the type stand out, with just a little hint of decoration to keep the header from looking boring.

By the way, Depot is so pretty it hurts to look at. That one's going on my list of fonts to buy when I'm not living on student loans!

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I just got the announcement in my e-mail. Silas, if you regenerated Dino's new OTFs to group by family— did you by chance adjust Musee? I just bought it a couple of weeks ago and a family list would be helpful to say the least considering how many OT features it has.

BTW, I love your type and love your site. I also love the prices! Very reasonable for us working designers. I will be building a library from Type Trust for sure.

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