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I've just got to Reading. Does anyone have advice/warnings/anecdotes?

I'm in Halls, and it's Freshers' Week, a ludicrously repetitive series of group pleasures meant to ensure the mental comfort of the newest students. The psychological incompetence, the crudity of imagination, that must inform this program's design are still more frightening than its results. No means of rational intercourse is permitted the children bussed and goaded into Fez, or to the Union, whose wailing is obscured by recorded music and whose inexpensive drinks are salted with tears. Often two of the taller lads, perhaps bemused by love, begin to fight; a shorter friend, preferring, as he must, civility to strength, "breaks them up"; but - watch out! - one of the young pugilists in retreating knocks an unobserved fat girl, or a lurching mathematician: her purple-flavoured ale is spilt, his dead-pan seduction curtailed. What must ugly or intelligent undergraduates make of it? Presumably the poor things they just blame themselves for not loving it, or getting laid, as much as they assume they ought.

Selfishly I'm alright, since the School of Typography is of course a miracle of scholarship and moral grandeur. There must also be lots of civilized postgrads in all subjects: any tips on how to find them?

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In the library after 10 o'clock at night. ;^)

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Sounds like the dog park, but more verbal.

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Miss Tiffany! Tsk, tsk! The voice of experience? :-)


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I'll be reading this post's comments very attentively as I want to attend Reading in the information design program. :)

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Of course! ;^)

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My only advice is to take the reading list seriously and read the books as early on as you can. My only regret during my time at Reading was not taking the list seriously until I was revising for the 3rd yr exams (this was back when it was a four year course).

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>There must also be lots of civilized postgrads in all
>subjects: any tips on how to find them?

They must all be at the Rose and Thistle.
(Not really, that was just my local when I lived in Reading. Unfortunately not for School.)

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>I’ve just got to Reading. Does anyone have advice

Work hard, play harder.

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George, it sounds like we need to track you down and drag you away from the halls — quickly! Everyone's been telling me we only have a short while before all our free times disappears altogether.

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Make friends with the Greeks, you can eat well, drink well and be around at least 10 fun guys and beautiful girls. They run in packs and like to go dancing.

The guys might have a kick about during the day occassionally and some might have brought their cars all the way from Greece.

Get yourself a push bike.

Stay away from the pub row downtown and try not to end up in the Purple Turtle.

Avoid 9am classes and get the important books fast since most will be not available in the library.

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Ahhh, to be young again and go to Reading, sighhhh.


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Or even just to be young again! ;-)

(Not that I'd turn down going to Reading either, but....)


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Thanks so far guys, and I've already found some Greeks, Vince, but it's the Arab girls who I've got cooking for me. One tells me that I am her brother's spiritual double, and therefore the proper sounding-board for her enthusiastic ideas about suicide.

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Sounds like you found your destiny!

Have fun, wish I was there...


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Ahhh, to be young again

Ahhh, to not already have hefty post-graduate student loan payments... :) Head into London as much as possible.

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