Evil/Chaotic TypeFaces?

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I'm looking for a font (or fonts) that can be used for a header that gives a feel of "Chaos", or one that just looks "Evil", or abnormally serious. One that makes the word "Makai" look good (and by good I mean the opposite of Ugly).

(By the way, I wasn't sure where I should've posted this, but, Yeah, I tried this section).

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For starters, check out some type by
Margo Chase

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The few that immediately spring to mind are:

Arcana or Banshee from Adobe (http://www.adobe.com/type)

Mason from Emigre (http://www.emigre.com)



Thomas Phinney
Program Mgr.
Fonts & Core Technologies
Adobe Systems

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Mason is too overused for my tastes and a little "magicy", Banshee is nice, but it's a little "Happy", the fonts by Margo Chase are a bit too clich

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Disturbance is more chaos than evil. For evil, check out these by our own Hrant 'You have to hate to create' Papazian: Domination Available and Brutaal

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What about Storm's Negro or the aptly named Evil?

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hmm, those are all nice, too, I especially like FF Disturbance, it seems like it'd be good for quotes.

How about some fonts that are Elegantly Dark, too? (Does that make sense?)

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Carter's Mantinia may be worth a look...

Also see Storm's Libczioes and Tenebra.

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Sorry. Try this for Mantinia.

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William, thanks for the mention!
(You have to hate to love as well. Nothing exists without its opposite.)

Aleph, can a font be both dirty and elegant?

BTW, I think Margo Chase rules.


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Lucas Fonts can "evil"

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... so can be the triple typophile post

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Excellent evil suggestions. About the double and tripple posting: just click the post button once (it is realtime). If any error messages come up, or it takes a long time, disregard them, your message will be posted.

What I do is launch a duplicate window before posting. Then do the posting process. After a couple of seconds, close the posting window (regardless of whether it's finished loading). When you refresh the remaining window you will see your post.


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Maybe some fonts like the kind Eduardo Recife

Why don't you use one of Eduardo's fonts then?

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You might also want to check here:


and here:

http://www.fontdiner.com/main.html (then click on braineaters)

2 other suggestions. Go to myfonts.com, login and update the settings to display the word(s) you need and then do a keyword search. This helps visualize other options you might not consider. Also, I'm not a big fan of free fonts, but a recent client wanted to do a poster that had writing like the old really bad "b" monster movies (i.e. the swamp thing, black lagoon). He didn't find anything that work in the commercial arena so we did a search in the free fonts and he found the perfect one. It is a really bad quality font that gave the exact look he wanted.

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