Interesting things to see in Savannah, GA, anyone?

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Going there this weekend, wondering if anyone knows of any interesting places to see?

I'd like to head up to the American Papermaking Museum in Atlanta, but I won't be able to. bah.

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I've always enjoyed walking down the Riverfront with a plastic cup of beer. Mostly because it's fun to drink in public with impunity. The Riverfront also used to have great breakdancing. It's been a while since I've been there though.

Valdosta, Georgia has the best all-you-can-eat fried catfish and hushpuppy dinner known to man. Unfortunately it's about 3 hours from Savannah.

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Thanks Brian, might check it out.

Nathan, supposedly we are going to the Riverfront, though I don't drink alcohol so that part won't be for me, heh. No Valdosta either, just Savannah this time.

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You know, the Riverfront can be pretty fun. There's a lot of crappy tourist-style souvenir stands, but there are also some pretty good reaturants & shops & such. Plus, having reloacted to the landlocked Midwest, the stink of ocean air makes me swoon.

When I was wee, my parents used to drag me around to all the quasi-historical re-enactment stuff. Savannah has some of that, too - perhaps there's an old-timey letterpress shop somewhere.

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I'd love to go see a letter press shop.

I know we're probably going on a ghost tour or two.

And most likely we will be eating at the riverfront at least once.

Just over 24 hours and counting until we leave.

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Enjoy the South, Chris. No matter what you end up doing in Savannah, you'll have fun. It's actually one of my favorite cities down that way.

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Here's hoping I enjoy it.

Bout 14 hours or so until we leave now.

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