Logo Feedback - What you see?

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Hello everyone.

I have made this logo for my school's forthcoming fun festival (Not putting the name cause this is what i want to ask you guys). Please read it and tell me what you see in this logo. Also please drop your feedback so that i can move further.

Thanks a bunch.


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...and now its time to celebrate.

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Yes, letting a democracy pick logos is just like letting them pick US presidents. It often fails miserably.

That said, the solution that was chosen really isn't that bad at all IMHO. Regardless, do put the one you preferred in your portfolio.

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Personally I would have coloured it CMY, not CYM, because that would have made it the exact opposite of RGB. Sorry I missed this the first time around.

- Lex

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@ Personally I would have coloured it CMY, not CYM,...

If you would have come a little earlier, I would have done that..but now even the festival is over. :)

But thanks for pointing it out.

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Well to tell you the truth: it's your fault not to like it. Why did you present them a version you don't like in the first place? You should show them only those that you liked.

I can't seem that anyone saw what I saw from the very beginning: '96...

I obviously have strange brain synapses... :)

Oh and BTW: I guess "r" in the selected version is too close to g. Or since the gb are overlaping, maybe r should be touching the g. Probably you are allowed to do these "minor" changes. ;)

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Aluminum: thanks for calling the bluff of century.
Except not "often" but "as a rule".

> You should show them only those that you liked.

That's an artist talking, not a designer.


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I liked the second last image - just consider separating the g and b. It is wierd the way the b comes out of the g. The last post is odd as it's in CMY(k)...

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