Logo for a hiring company

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Hi Typos,

I've just completed this identity for a hiring company. Still I'd like the forum to comment on the letterspacing and such in order to give it the final refinement.

The company is a bit similar to Manpower just on a smaller scale. The final color of the logo is P877 (Silver).

Appreciate it - thanks!


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The serif on the 'n' is slightly jarring. It's inconsistent with the rest of the logo and seems tacked on, although at the smaller size it doesn't look too bad. I'm sure someone else will have a better opinion of this.

- Lex

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At the larger size the Grupp… kerning needs to be tighter (by differing amounts), the …pen feels about right, then see if those changes need to appy to the smaller version. I don't mind the serif on the n although I feel the curve leading into it is a bit pronounced.

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