Palormak v.22 - It's a big bunch of revisions this time

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OK, it has a name just because I need to call the file something. I think it could do with a better one.
So, here's my attempt at a kinda-sorta semiserif font.
All the cahracters I have so far are inthe PDF. Trying to do it all with off-brand software is taking some getting used to, but it's all I can afford right now.

-EDIT- OK, there's a revised PDF also attached, but the original is still there for comparison.

-EDIT- Upon further reflection, this is hardly a semi-serif at all anymore. I might generate a sans version eventually, then I'll have something to work between.

palormak-sample.pdf80.95 KB
palormak3-sample.pdf83.78 KB
palormak4-sample1.pdf84.61 KB
palormak5-sample1.pdf84.79 KB
palormak5b-sample1.pdf43.91 KB
palormak7-sample1.pdf25.65 KB
palormak15sample.pdf29.05 KB
palormak17sample.pdf29.45 KB
palormak22sample.pdf30.52 KB
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I made a try at raising the inner apex of the A by turning the legs a bit more vertical. Pleased with the results, though this may have made the top serif look wide.

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I've let this sit for almost a year and a half? I need to get to get this finished. If only I'd known then what I know now. There's something seriously ugly going on that I hope it won't be too hard to fix.

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Just so you all know. I'm not dead. I've continued making refinements to this font, and I think I'm nearing completion. Coming up with a good way to present it has been a bit of a struggle, as has been tackling class-based kerning. I'll come up with a sample of the latest iteration shortly.

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I made a set of oldstyle figures to go along with the font. Probably hard to say much about it without context, but what do you think?

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4, 6, 8 and 9 nine don't really fit with the rest.

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Here's another go at the oldstyle figures:

I know, it looks like a totally different font now, and probably still needs some tweaks.

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For comparison and further critique, here are the lining tabular numerals:

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I like that "3".


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Regarding the lining figures:
- You need to get right all those overshoots. That /4/ is flying next to /3/ and /5/. /3/ looks short next to /2/.
- Also, make the thins consistent. /8/ is almost monowidth.
- The crossbar of /4/ is may be too low.

Regarding the oldstyle figures:
- I don't know if that /4/ works. Take the lining /4/ as a reference.
- Nice /8/ and /3/!
- /1/ may work, but right now all serifs are too short.

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While I let those numbers cook a while, here are some of the currency symbols:

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It looks like I can no longer edit my starting post nor can I upload more files to it.
Here is a PDF of my latest revision: Palormak 23 glyphs

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