Alternates/Synonyms for Georgia and Lucida Grande for print work.

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Working a web interface and logo for a low budget project that use these two excellent screen optimized typefaces, but need to reproduced the logo in/find similar fonts that will stand up to the rigours of a wide variety of print applications (ID, Poster, Package).


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Miller is the obvious print analogue to Georgia. It was also designed by Matthew Carter, and comes in a variety of cuts for text and display.

Lucida started life as a print face so it can do double duty, onscreen and off.

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Thank you marcox,

Is Lucida Grande that comes standard on the Mac the same as Lucida Sans/usable for print work?

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Sorry, Tim, but I've never compared the two. The "Grande" in the name might suggest it was created for print display work, a la Big Caslon, but I'm just speculatin' at this point.

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'Grande' is refering to the gigantic character set it comes with. Its basically covers all of unicode. Cyrillic, Turkish, CE ete. I think it ways specially hinted too. But still no OSF or small caps though.

Out of all the interface sans available- Lucida is good for both print and on screen. Whereas Verdana/Tahoma are readable on screen but horriable in print... and in my opinion look like inspired by Lucida.


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Grande: I believe it's the same also. Unfortunately no italics on the os screen version. Not a big fan of the printed look myself. It is a mater of taste. I think technically it's good.

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Thanks everyone.

Nice icon, Jones : )

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> Its basically covers all of unicode.

No way.


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all of latin unicode?

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I don't think that Lucida Sans and Georgia go really good together...
Maybe you can complement Georgia (or a similar Scotch Roman) with Weidemanns Corporate S.

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Have an example of "Weidemanns Corporate S.?"


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