Technical Tests

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Hello Everybody,

before release font what kind of tests is necessary to do?

For exemple using Open Type or True Type?!

What softwares to use?

Any link?

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I must fill in here, because I have found that these tests are not really consequent. Don’t get me wrong, the tests are great, but I got a little confused using them.

I am a control freak by nature, so I ran all the tests on the same font.

I was surprised to see that in some of the test-tools, the fonts will pass, in another test-tool I could get a warning and on the third I got an error.

They also have different "rules" on what they call a correct font. I have experienced differences in the vertical metrics, for instance.

In other words – it seems impossible to satisfy each test with the same font file. Don’t ask me why ;-)

In my opinion it’s very good also to try your fonts in different apps, on both Mac and PC, and on different computers. Print them on different printers, and if possible make print-proofs at some prepress company.

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