please crit my quotation layout

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I'm from Hong Kong and I'm new to this place, hello ladies and gents!

This is a quotation form for my own little freelance business, which I'm still unsure whether to work it out as PDF forms or copy the whole thing in excel (for book keeping and admin purposes).

I'm also unsure posting business documents in here, if this is against the rules please let me know, thanks!

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Nothing wrong with posting business documents.

I know some people who do everything via PDF, but then they keep the "bookkeeping" part of it in a book after the fact. I'd think you would be happier using some sort of business software that can help you manage your books at the same time without having to keep a paper trail. (Although a paper trail is a good way to have secondary proof of something.)

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In payment terms (shouldn't that be a lowercase p) the numerals aren't aligning and the grand total doesn't seem to align with hk$ and the numerals, I think you have a double word space in extra cost. And the tint rules for the job description section could align with the dotted rules. You will also need to standardise the punctuation and uppercase in the remarks section.
If you can create an excel file that keeps the look you want it would seem to me that it would be the sensible way to go.
btw Facsimile and shipments

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