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i am searching for a name for my future Arabic type design website.
after several names i liked '29Letters'.

29 not 26 because the arabic alphabet consists of 29 letters and not only 26 like the latin.

so the domain will be:


how does it sound?



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sounds good to me

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I think Tarek Atrissi would approve indeed!

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Sounds -and more importantly, writes- quite nice!
Now for a logo... :-)


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Great idea.

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thank you for your replies

well all of you who responded like it.

i think that is good.

any one how did not find it nice?

as for the logotype....
if i chose this domain, i will also post my logotype sketches for you also to comment on.


Pascal Zoghbi
MD type & Media

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conserning the reply from Seventy7

what do you realy mean by:

"I think Tarek Atrissi would approve indeed!"

tarek websites are more straight forward.
www.arabictypography.com &


do you know tarek?


Pascal Zoghbi
MD type & Media

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