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I'm designing (actually revising) a series of brochures for the state department of health that must be produced in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. As of now both the English and Spanish are set in Novarese and the Vietnamese is in Bodoni -- they are all currently produced in Quark.

My question is, if I build the new versions in InDesign and use OpenType Pro fonts (Adobe Garamond Pro, Myriad Pro, etc...) will the translation process be easier and more visually consistent. I'm somewhat new to the multiple languages bit, so please let me know if more information is needed.


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Well you don't have to deal with German. German words are like a sentence in English. Very hard to deal with if you can't hypenate words. I wouldn't be concerned with English, Spanish but I haven't a clue about how Vietnamese sets. Unless you are using the most recent version of Quark I would believe InDesign will make the typesetting better looking.

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Nope, no German, but to me, Vietnamese isn't much better. Lots of accents. And it may be that this is something called English-Vietnamese -- I really don't know.

I suppose one of my bigger questions is this: what opentype pro fonts are capable of Vietnamese?

The translation will actually be handled by someone else.

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Thanks, David. Vietnamese postscript fonts are what I'm trying to avoid, but I'll contact them to see if they can help.

Many opentype fonts can do multiple languages, but Vietnamese appears to be rare. Adobe's Garamond Premier Pro (it's in one of the PDFs) looks like it can handle Vietnamese -- any others?

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Do set the Vietnamese at a smaller size,
since the Carmen Miranda accents give
it a notably larger apparent size.


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I agree -- and the Bodoni they use now just hurts. I certainly can't read it, but all of the accents make it looked as though someone spilled ground black pepper on the brochure...

Any font suggestions, Hrant?

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Gentium? Dunno.


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This site is for Welsh, but has an excellent .PDF guide to designing bilingual publications that I think applies to any language. The board also has a Bilingual Design Contest that may be of interest.

Welsh Language Board

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