The Schoyen Manuscript Collection

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(I'm reposting this in 'General Discussions' because it only got 85 reads when i put it in 'Home » forums » Special Interest Groups » Typographic Education' which makes me think it got missed by a lot of people.)

You may all be well aware of this website, but just in case you weren't i thought i'd share this typographic (or should that be glyphic for non-printed letterforms?) goldmine of inspiration i found purely by chance...

(click on an image to see a much bigger version)

It seems a little picky to say, because the content speaks so well for itself, but it's a shame the website design doesn't really do the content justice. If i weren't so busy i might offer a pro bono make over :)

Here's a small sample of the wonderous beauties that lay within...

It makes me feel so talentless. Well, at least digitally fraudulent.
All hail the scribe.

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Definite bookmark, thank you.

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Thanks Jon! Indeed a fabulous resourse!


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