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Here's my experimental attempt at a mega heavy typeface. The influence, of course, is from the slab serifs of the wood type era. In the end, I see it at newspaper display size, tightly tracked to compensate for its more squarish proportions.

My main issue right now is the thinning of the S's spine. Not sure how to get away from that. Also the C and the G look abnormal. Can someone with an experienced typograph-eye give me a crit and/or some helpful advice?

Also, I'm not looking forward to shredding my brain for a lowercase set to match. Unless I get some inspiration. Can anyone also suggest some nice heavy typefaces for me to look at?
Maybe I should just go for small caps. Easier right?

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The S, C and G are a feature, not a bug.
Look at the "S" in Olive Nord for one:

Lowercase would be great, but so would a wide/narrow pair of all-caps fonts, which could be nicely intermixed.


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Thanks. I never thought of a wide/narrow pair in one font. I just might try that.

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Porchez has done that nicely with Anisette* (which I once bought on behalf of a former employer) and there's also an earlier French example (I forget what).

* http://www.typofonderie.com/alphabets/use/Anisette


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David Berlow is the King, AFAIAC, of the Ultra Fat typeface. His Giza is an excellent example of a slab.

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GOOD GIZAs thats a heavy one...

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Think you need to take a look at Jeremy Tankards Shire Types. Some similar characters.

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