Ronin Graphics Logo--What do you think?

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This is a logo I've designed for my own freelance graphic design/illustration work. My concept is that I'm comparing myself to a Ronin, Japanese for a samurai without a master, working for hire, in that I work for myself, for hire. I wanted to convey a clean, stylish, modern look with a bit of a Japanese/Asian feel.

I'm mainly using the top version, however I made the bottom two in case I wanted to use a more compact, less horizontal version of the logo. How do you feel about multiple versions of logos? Is this ok, or is it something that's frowned upon? I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Ronin Graphics Logo

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I would use the bottom right one, it has more pregnancy and looks more japanese.

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Eh, I think that attempting to use a Font that looks kind of "Japanese" for a thing with a Japanese name is kind of clich

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Oh, and by the way, I like the bottom right one, too.

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It doesn't look Japanese to me, but I'm in the bottom-right camp as well.

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Chris may I ask you where you are working. The concept will go over peoples heads unless you are just dealing with an Asian market. I agree with Aleph about using a symbol. Your logo feels forced to me.

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Thanks for the comments. Personally, I think only the capital R and G have a slight asian feel. My intent was not to make it overtly japanese/asian, but to give it just that little touch to reflect the name as well as to represent my personal tastes (being a fan of asian aesthetics, both traditional and modern).

As far as the concept going over people's wasn't that important to me that people be immediately familiar with the term "ronin", however, I plan to incorporate the definition and its relation to me, in things such as the mission statement/website/etc. I like the name because it gets people asking about its meaning.

Also, how do people feel about using variations on a logo...or is it a strict policy of choosing one and sticking with it?

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I think many people know that Ronin is a Japanese term, although few will know it's exact meaning (but that's OK). And I think Chris has struck a very nice balance between cliche and too-subtle. Those letters are not the rancid "chop suey" style, but they look nicely comptemporary-Japanese. A little frivolous though.


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By the way: What

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The most important thing to communicate with your identity the attitude that you take with your design. If you have many methods of working through a design or work with many styles several logos might suit you better than one.

Overall I would say that is is more important that the attitude you convey be consistent than the particular logo you use.

This is especially true if you market yourself in a personalised, direct fashion than if you just pepper the local papers with adverts.

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for me the logo looks very contemporary.
the design is a bit

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> By the way: What

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> What

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I prefer the top and the lower-right ones, although I agree with Aleph about your technique. This was a huge trend that came and went, so you may be creating associations you don't want. It's a bit more subtle than CS Takahashi, but that's the first association my mind makes, along with the Playstation game series Wipeout.

Although, looking at your work, I see that you tend towards lush, fast, young graphics anyway, so these associations could work in your favor. I recommend being more consistent with your use of the one-line logotype on your site. Personally, I'd replace the Ronin Graphics header that follows the splash page, which looks bland next to your personalized version.

By they way, Hellboy rules. :-)

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Thanks for the comments Chris Rugen (or should I call you Lobster Johnson?). About my website, this is a very early version and my first attempt at using Dreamweaver. I've been planning a redesign but I'm still working on it. I definitely hear what you're saying about the header, and that's something that I've been meaning to change, as well as add much more work.

As far as "What is Ronin?"...I addressed the meaning in my initial post: a samurai without a master, working for hire

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Or someone waiting for another chance to enter a university.

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Thanks for all the answers to my question, I misread Crhis Post.

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Chris, this posting reinforces my belief that few will get the reference to Ronin. You are asking John Q Public to be aware of the meaning. As for weather you can use the symbol in different ways the answer is of course you can. Different media, require the flexibility for change. A business card is a different environment than a web page. But, make sure you use it consistantly in the media of choice. If you stack it for a business card, always stack it for a business card. Just some thoughts

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Personally I like it.

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