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Ok, I'm putting together a business card for myself. Here is what I have got, I realize that there is WAY TOO MUCH going on here, so any help would be warmly appreciated, as you would be helping put bread on my table.

One thing I am trying to keep in mind is that these cards are going to be in business people's hands as well as for families and non-profits, I ask myself "what would I be looking for in a photographer's business card?"

You can view it here.

Thanks in advance for all of your help

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I think the question now is what are the priorities that you need? There should be a larger contrast between the elements in your card. Is this card going to be double-sided? It may give you extra space if it is printed double-sided if you know what I mean.

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The best place to start is to establish a hierarchy of information, then select one typeface that says it all. The different styles within that face can add emphasis.

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Start with a logo, it could be a very simple device your current one would not impress many business clients, I think you might consider trading your services with a designer rather than working it up yourself.
Look at what you need/expect from a business card, I would suggest you need something with your business name/logo, your name (clients prefer to have a named contact), your contact details, and (possibly on the reverse) products offered, for example, portraits, product shots etc, the products offered section is, depending on the circumstances of giving your card, optional the less extraneous information, the better opportunity to make a strong layout. I really wouldn't use any of the typefaces you have on your sample they don't in any way combine. You should also investigate using colour.

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The first thing that you have to consider is the cards PURPOSE.... and that it's a business card...not a brochure or info card. It's acting to provide your contact details.... that's it. Currently there is just TO MUCH information.

Therefore it should only display your business name / logo and contact details. I'd also print these elements on different sides (logo/ logotype on one sie and contact details on the other) to keep it clean (tm) :D

As for the fonts..... there are to many. I'd use no more than two (and pref one + logo/ logotype).

If you are wanting to advertise your services, maybe get a brochure designed to accompany the card or focus the attention to a website. Talking of which.. i'd get a "proper" email address... as gmail/ hotmail/ yahoo email accounts tend to make businesses/ individuals look "temporary".

Remember it's PURPOSE :D Good luck!

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Crikey - a prime example of what we used to call a type salad. To assemble such an array of incongruous elements in so small a space is little short of miraculous.

When I need a photograph I seek the services of an appropriate photographer. What you are in need of is what is known as a corporate identity - I urge you engage the services of an appropriate designer.

It shouldn't cost too much of your bread, and may help put some jam on it in the long run.

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Yes.... i'd agree, go engage the services of an appropriate designer :D



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Q. “what would I be looking for in a photographer’s business card?”

A. An absolutely drop-dead gorgeous photograph. Possibly of a business subject (ie. people, communication, co-operation, commerce). Full colour. Full bleed. Beautifully printed. Occupying an entire front side of the business card and eloquently stating that it represents the proverbial thousand words while illustrating a cogent point of difference from all the other photographers hustling for work.

You can put your minimum contact details on the reverse of the card – email plus mobile phone number. In a single typeface, in a single size, in a single colour and tone. Anything else is likely to be counterproductive.

PS. What's with the unwarranted bold on this thread? Someone forget to close a tag?

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Thank you guys all so much, I have to be gone for a while here, but I'll be back later to get some more done, and if need be to look up a designer.

I really appreciate the help.


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ilostmypassword: Very well said. I had a client last week who wanted to make her business cards a cross between a card and a brochure... had to talk her out of it.

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