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Hello folks,

Am a graphic design student from India. I'm designing posters and the prospectus for this year's admissions for my school. Though its just a rough start but wanted a little feedback before i proceed further.

Also every year we have a special tag line to put on the admission prospectus and the posters. This time its 'ADD-MISSIONS TO YOUR LIFE'. Its funny but this is what my director had suggested for this year and i cant do anything about this. So i was just playing with the word "add" and "+" symbol in my designs.

Here are a few of the explorations, please comment whatever you feel.

Thanks in advance,

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I like the general idea. You can tweak it to something that works.

The "ss" of "admissions" in the first design is hard to read. If you make it instantly readable, your design will be stronger. Plus the s's with the little cross in the middle look like a swastika (which I understand is an old Indian symbol but with unfortunate connotations today). Readable trumps clever every time.

The yellow color of the second design is hard to read against the yellow background and sort of hard on the eyes. Try different hues, tints and saturations.

In the third design, I think you should make the "a" more readable even if that means sacrificing the little "+".

Clever ideas for the "+": how about the dot of the "i"? Or as a period or exclamation mark? Or make the whole word plus shaped:



Or just by making the middle letters extra big: admISSions (but bigger, squarer ISS of course so it looks like a plus).

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Ooops, the "admissions" on three lines thing don't look like how I typed them (proportional font down in the "post comment box). Each line is supposed to be centered.

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I am wondering whether you could introduce a second d into admissions in a second colour behind the word, for example your second layout could then do without repeating the add–missions, leaving a more positive message ‘To Your Life’. You could then work up the lowercase a as your graphic image, possibly using a + as the counter, I also think that using the + once is probably more striking than repeating it in admissions. The form of the lowercase a might inform your treatment of the other type which feels a little sterile in the larger size.

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I'm not very much into the pixelfont thing. But I think the style and use of color is nice.
I just think that there are so many nice typefaces to choose from, and the pixelones most of the times just look a bit.. I don't know, not too nice.
But thats just my opinion of course.
About the typography itself, the third one (with the pink) is the weakest one in my opinion. The legibility of it is less then the other two. I find myself spelling the word out in my mind when reading it. The + in the A, however, is nicely found.

What format is the poster going to be? Because I quite like the proportions they have now. The square/semi-square, I mean.

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I personally couldnt see the "plus sign in any of the designs, and now I know what to look for I feel it is a bit weak. In the first case it makes admission read admi5gion to me, and I see no real reason for the layout of type you have choisen, I personally dont feel it adds anything to any of the pieces.

You have a world of design principles you could apply and all of the above look as though you have tried very few. Perhaps the idea of a plus sign would work better with postive and negative space, or tints which could work well with your tag line, and increase readablity. This then opens possible options of cool print processes. Does it really need to show everything through the type, or could you do it through the medium? Die cut posters with "ad" die-cut and missions printed, in either the 'ad', or 'add' as someone suggested above.

In any case I feel you need to explore more, to use a term from one of my tutors back in the day,
"Do you need to show the whole hamburger?"

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thanks a ton for all your great feedback.

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