A rip of my free font on MyFonts

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Years ago, I created Kosal Says hy purely as an my first font endeavor. I uploaded to as many sites possible hoping to see it used everywhere (however bad it may be.) Lo and behold, I do a search for graffiti fonts on myfonts and see a font that is extremely close to my original drawings. So close that it can't be a coincidence: Shallow.

Looks like the designer softened up the letters, added whatever ornament necessary to distinguish it, thickened the strokes, and made some much needed improvements. Is this legal? Probably so, because I labeled it as freeware, right?

Not that it bothers me, my original was crappy anyway. I'm just surprised.
Slightly flattered.

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Did the freeware version ship with a license? I'd be curious if there is such a thing, legally I mean, as a freeware license and if so how it reads.

I'm guessing you can't do anything unless it is financially worth it to you.

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Ah, I found the license that 1001fonts.com attached to my font:

Freeware fonts can be downloaded and used free of charge for both non-commercial and commercial use. Although these fonts are available for free, the author retains the copyright, meaning that restrictions usually apply to alteration, reproduction, publication and distribution of the font. Practically no author will allow you to sell his/her font for profit or to include it in another product or CD-ROM compilation without permission and in most cases you will not be allowed to use parts of the font to create your own font. Detailed copyright information is usually included in the corresponding font zip-file as readme.txt, copyright.txt or an equivalent text-file.

It was a nono after all.

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You might contact the "designer" of the derivative font and ask if they were "inspired" by anything else.

Nice to see even 1001fonts has a license which supports the designers best interest.

That said, I still don't know if this would be lucrative to pursue with any legal action.

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Thanks. Yeah, I wasn't offended enough to take any real action. I was only questioning the legality of the issue.

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Good news! I wrote an email to myFonts.com and they weren't convinced on the similarities. BUT, just when I was about to write a reply, they e-mailed me again to say the foundry that 'created' it, has agreed to take it down. Score one for the little guys!

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Very good. Lesson: Never be afraid to protect your work. :^)

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Actually I wasn't convinced... until they took it down.

> Score one for the little guys!

And Typophile. Without this thread you might have gotten nowhere.


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Congrats on your success.

No personal intended but I quite like Shallow. Any chance of you updating Kosal, where you draw inspiration from another source? :p

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Good that they took it off. I’m pretty much sure the person who did the new font started from yours and tweeked a little bit. Details are a little bit too close to call the "ripoff" typeface original.

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>Ah, I found the license that 1001fonts.com attached to my font:

This sounds like 1001fonts biolerplate. Did you attach a readme when you first released the font? Is it possible that the Shallow 'designer' could have obtained the font from a source with a different license/readme?

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