(x) "German Spas" square sans on vintage tourism poster - various {Stephen}

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Hi, everyone!

I'm new here and I'm working on a design project, hoping to use a typeface that I can't find or identify.

Can anyone identify the typeface in this poster's headlines?


I thought the "S" kind of reminded me of a black, ultra-condensed version of Font Bureau's Agency, but that's not altogether close.

Thanks in advance.


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As this is a vintage poster, it's highly probable the headlines were lettered by hand.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the input. :)

Does anyone know of any faces that are somewhat similar? I'm thinking of trying to build my own interpretation based on this poster, but it would nice to see something that's in the same ballpark, at least for reference/inspiration.


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Thanks for the help, Stephen. These are going to be very useful. :)


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