HELP!!!!!!!! (PLEASE!!!)

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Hello (new here)

Sadly my first post is a desperate one...

I did something I KNOW I should not have done... I tried to install 6000 fonts... all at once... and they made it into my font folder (I am working on a mac -- OS-10)

And.... I loaded In-design.... and now I cant use ANY of my fonts except for the ones that actually came with the computer....

I have opened font book and it has taken it 10 minutes to load all of them, and now I dont know how to sort them, or which ones to delete..... Is there some sort of default setting I can revert to?

This isn't my computer, its my work computer and If my boss finds out I broke it, Im DEAD MEAT!

WHat can I do BESIDES going through them one by one.....

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Where did you get 6,000 fonts? I would take them all out of the font folder, and install only a core set that you know you need and go from there. I wouldn't panic, I think you probably just have too many fonts in there and InDesign is having trouble reading all of them. I'm sure someone else here will have some better advice. But that's my 2 cents...

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Well ok update on the situation.... I went into the folder, did a sort by type... and removed all of the ones that matched the kind I downloaded.....and I just pulled them all out.

BUT now I am missing half of the fonts I DO USE.... AND my default internet fonts are messed up. (ANyone know how to fix that?)

oh and 6000 fonts came from a [link removed by moderator], for $7.95, AND this was all stemmed because I NEED ONE certain font... I used once a few years ago.... in a galaxy far far away..

SO I downloaded the fonts thinking I could scroll through them in fontbook, and FIND THAT ONE FONT.

I decided that 6000 fonts shouldnt be THAT much of a problem, (but I knew I was taking a risk.)

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check out if there is an istallation date or file-update date under command-i (in the finder).

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ok I think everything is back to normal EXCEPT for the fact I have to go through the ones I pulled out, find the ones I WILL use, and put them back in.


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> 6000 fonts.... for $7.95

With coupon or without? so, one font is $ 0.001325 :-)

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Start here:

These are the fonts which I have in my user folder:

These are the fonts which Microsoft installed (but I keep uninstalled):

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Tiffany, the ÇcÇeÇoä®í%$"@&* family must always be installed!!
These fonts are essential for cursing.

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With coupon or without? so, one font is $ 0.001325 :-)

looking at the fonts that are included... i think your estimate is just about right.

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6.000 fonts for US$7.95? And you're surprised you run into technical problems? :^P

(No offense, just pulling yo' leg). ;^)

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Is that why I can't seem to curse properly over ichat?? Well what do you know. Pff.

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Others are being polite.

You downloaded 6,000 fonts for $7.95!!!!!! (A CD crammed full of viruses costs more than that.)

Then you took it into work. And copied all 6,000 fonts unto your computer!?? Without telling your boss????

And now you want to clean up your mess before he finds out???

Maybe a dose of honesty would be in order. Followed by a big fat helping of professionalism and ethics.

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Agreed that of course Desiree should 'fess up. But I think you're being too harsh on the rest. She realizes that she's made a mistake, and she's trying to figure out how to fix it.

And no, I'm not disagreeing with you just because you're from Calgary. :)



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Yes Thomas, you are right. I was harsh. And I apologise to Desiree for my unkind works.

I operate three workstations. If any employee (or freelancer) did that to one of my computers, I would freak. I know, and have accepted, all the licences of fonts and of applications on my computers.

That an employee would, without discussion or consultation, add fonts to the computer they were assigned causes me grave concern. I don't know the EULAs they have (or have not) accepted. I don't know where these fonts or applications have come from. Whether they are legit or pirated. Or full of viruses. So. Nothing is put on my computers that I don't know about. Ever.

Do you disagree?

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Nothing is put on my computers that I don’t know about. Ever.
Do you disagree?

Absolutely not! I've sacked people for such transgressions.

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"Followed by a big fat helping of professionalism and ethics."

The boss doesn't care...Bosses can hardly type email. It's the IT guy you have to suck up to. He won't fire you, but will slap your wrist.

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Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany

I just posted over at the Pirates thread. What the hell?

Um, where actually does Typophile stand on all of this?

You can steal if you don't download?


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After reviewing this thread, I feel I need to strengthen my apology to Desiree.

She came to Typophile looking for help. Some members of this forum, Tiffany especially, were thoughtful and helpful in their advice. That is the spirit of this forum.

I was derisive and unhelpful. And I apologize. I hope Desiree will continue to look to Typophile as a source of advice.

While harsh, I stand by my remarks that anybody doing the same sort of thing to a work computer, without prior discussion and approval, by either the boss or the IT guy, needs a severe reality check.

I also apologize for typos in my posts. Apparently my proofreading sucks.

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What!? Gerald I never said that. If you read that in what I said then you are looking for the gray area.

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I guess what I was wondering was (and did not state it properly), since Desiree seems to be unaware of it and has not posted otherwise, why the moderators have not pointed out to her that such sharing is illegal (especially since Typophile has a stated policy). Desiree's concern was that she had screwed up her boss's computer not that she had done something unethical or illegal. I can perfectly understand trying to help her out of her mess but it also seems a missed opportunity.


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I have pie on my face. I did not see the part about from where Desiree "licensed" the fonts. You are right, of course. I will remove that link as well.


This is a little late, as I was more worried about helping you solve the posted problem. But, the fact remains, as Gerald pointed out, that most of the fonts which you have are illegal and derivative works. Please support the foundries that did the work in the first place and license directly from them.

I hope my original post did help you and that you were able to fix the computer and get it back to its orginal state.

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