OpenType Naming Thread #3

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This topic has come up before but... I'm still confused.

I have a font with six weights:

How do I make them appear under one menu name
and also be completely cross platform compatible?

I know I need to style link them but...
I'm unclear as how to do it.

I've studied Brioso Pro and Warnock Pro
but I've only come up dry. I understand
FDK is at work but it should be possible
with FL right?

Any help would be great appreciated.

Eric O.

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AFAIK, in FL's Font Info window, in the 'OpenType-specific font names' window, you need to enter 'Stratum' as the 'Family Name', and the requisite style as the 'Style Name'. The info in the 'Basic set of font names' window should be entered as usual. (I.e., with four weights per family.) This has always worked in Photoshop, InDesign, etc. for me.

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Adam Twardoch has posted very helpful naming guidelines at the FontLab user community. Be sure to scroll down to see the additional comments from Read Roberts at Adobe.

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Thanks for that link, John. Quite a bit clearer than anything I've ever seen. Cheers.

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Thanks for posting this John.
Unfortunately, I'm still not finding sucess.

Curiously I'm able to get the fonts to work under
Word but not the usually forgiving Adobe apps.
Very strange.

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Scratch that.
After much trial and error everything is working
on both platforms under all programs including
the nasty ones like Word.

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Scratch that, no way! We wanna know what you did! :-)

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Ditto bro, what did you do! Don't hold out now...


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You see the funny thing is...
I'm not really sure what I did.

I followed Adam's instructions but used
the Style Name "Regular" for the first
four weights and the Style Name "Bold"
for the next two weights. It works fine but
I wonder how this would work in a more
in depth family with say 20 variations?

My fonts all show up with the specified
names and organize themselves in the
menus nicely. I should add that the
third window "Additional OpenType Names"
is pretty important and seems to be part
of the OpenType naming puzzle. Again,
I followed Adam's instructions for this
window and everything is working fine.

I hope this makes some sense...

I would love to hear how others do this.

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