Acens logo

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Please help me with this!


acens logotype

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Looks very simmilar to the one I'm looking for:

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Hey Yves,
I'll go with Monoline - it's close enough to my project.

Thanx man

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Yep, you're right!
But if only I was somebody :-)

My drawing skills in Illustrator really sucks!
Do you have any tutorials about making such squarish rounded objects?


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Haven't we seen this "acens" logo before?

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Looks like some modified House Gothic 23 / Foundry Monoline.
I don't know if the face exists "as is".

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The easy way out would be to say they're both probably
custom logotypes (which BTW I honestly think they are ;).

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Somebody should make one of these simplified squarish
rounded Eurostilish faces. This specific lc 'a' shape seems
quite popular.

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> (...) simplified squarish rounded Eurostilish faces

Hey, I forgot all about this one. THX Stephen for the reminder!

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