(x) Twenty of the best/Design Technology - Foundry Wilson/Plantin {Stephen/Addison}

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These are not the best scans but can anyone help?

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Twenty of the best: Bembo?

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What's a DV D?

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Design Technology = Plantin

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And remember, e for envelopes (stationery).

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Design tech is, of course, Monotype Plantin, and Twenty of the Best *might* be Joshua Darden's new Corundum, his reworking of Fournier. See joshuadarden.com.

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Is "Twenty of the Best" perhaps Foundry Wilson?

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Yes, I think you got it. It also appears to be the mystery font in this thread:


That one was haunting me for a while.

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It bothered me, too. I actually woke up this morning thinking about it...

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Same here. We need therapy, I kid you not. :^/

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So is that 'DV D' the Foundry's spacing or user error?

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Will we ever know? :^) Does anybody own a license so it can be tried out?

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